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New Blog, Who Dis?

Welcome to Pella Does, my new and improved blog. If you have followed me over from Pella the Pilgrim, I want to thank you for taking that journey with me. Pella, the pilgrim has been such a huge part of my life for the last 10 years and has been a great outlet of expression and opportunity to be a wanderer.

I started Pella, the pilgrim when I was a young, doe-eyed young lady who didn't know much about the world. I was just entering adulthood and I wanted to seek and find the answers and life experiences. Over the last ten years, I've done just that. I am so appreciative of all the places I've been the people I've met, alas nothing lasts forever. It's important for us to view change as an opportunity to grow. I will forever be someone who's seeking understanding, but now it is time for me to be brave.

It may sound odd that I want to be brave considering I have moved abroad several times and lived continents away from everyone I know and love. But here’s the thing: I never thought those things to be scary. It may seem like I was a carefree explorer, but each decision was well weighed. Thankfully, I was correct in my calculations that I would be ok. I have done a lot. Believe it or not, I've actually thought about doing even more. You know what prevented me from acting?




I’ve gone through a season of growth and your girl was stressed. Mentally, physyicaly, emotionally… I went THROUGH it. I was in a limbo of what I needed to do and wanted to do. I was in a MISERABLE cycle of being unhappy in my current situation, having mental blocks to do what I wanted to do, having guilt for not acting, and being intimidated by my dreams. One day while I was trying to find the motivation, I heard this quote by Les Brown:

“Imagine being on your death bed, and standing around you is the ghost of the dreams, the ideas, the abilities, the talents given to you by life... That you for whatever reason, you never went after that dream. You never acted on those ideas. You never used those talents. You never used those gifts; and there they are standing beside your bed, looking at YOU with large, angry eyes saying we came to you and only you could have given us life. And not. We must die with you forever.” – Les Brown

This visual filled my stomach with dread, anxiety, and anger. Not going to lie, it took a proactive while but after several self-help books, prayers, and conversations with my support system, I was ready to start. Can I blame my inner conflict on my Virgo Sun and Mars in Gemini? No? But I really want to!

Ultimately, I realized that all I had to do was start. Hence, Pella Does. It's very important to set intentions for yourself and I want not only to be intentional, but I want to be action-oriented, and the new name encompasses that. Pella Does is an affirmation. It’s present progressive. It’s saying I’m doing it in that moment, and I will (possibly) continue to do it.

The title of the blog sets the tone. Pella, the pilgrim was an introspective journey of the mind, soul and spirit. I traveled to faraway places. The things I witnessed drew me closer to God. I have learned about different cultures and history. For all that I have now learned and seen, I want to be an active participant of the world.

Pella Does is an evolution of Pella, the pilgrim. I've embarked on a quest to show up wholeheartedly, to observe the world with eager eyes, to learn from every experience, and to translate those lessons into action that is aligned with my vision. I've embraced the profound wisdom of Les Brown's words that remind us of the tragedy of untapped talents. The words that ignited a fire within me.

Pella Does is an edict that compels me to break free from the chains of hesitation and self-doubt. So please like, subscribe, and follow my journey.

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