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About Pella Does

I tried, I really tried my best to follow the proverbial ‘right path’. I ultimately always found my own lane. And even when I was doing well in my own lane, I kept trying to get back “on track”.  After years of putting my ‘crazy thoughts’ and secret desires on the shelf, I had the slow epiphany:

Some of the most amazing experiences were when I dared to act on one of my ‘crazy thoughts’.

After gaining confidence and insight that only come from doing, I now know not to feel guilty about taking my own path and creating my own space. I gave myself permission to pursue my dreams deferred. Pella Does is about no longer doubting my intuition and leaning into what I know to be true. Rooted in my belief of Purpose, there is a reason for everything.

While this pilgrim is still finding her way, she is taking these ideas and putting in the work. Pella Does, join me while I continue to seek the experience of learning, thrill of trying, and satisfaction of doing. 


To be a beacon of inspiration that connects a thoughtful community.  


Boldly set the example that informs, inspires and motivates others to act with compassion.

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