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How Going to See Keke Wyatt secured my Beyoncé RWT tickets.

I'm here to tell the tale of how I managed to score Beyoncé tickets when I absolutely wasn't supposed to.

Ticket Master Strategy

If everyone remembers at the top of the year when the tour as announced there was a lot of buzz about ticket availability Ticketmaster was being sued, other artists ticket releases were being grossly mishandled… Social media was abuzz about the Renaissance World Tour and there was a lot of uncertainty about if you could get in or not.

I had committed to my friend Bev that I would go with her for an out of town show. How could two Virgos not go see the Virgo Queen while she is on tour during Virgo season?! We had each added ourselves to different release blocks to see if we could divide and conquer, because "Need Beyoncé, Will Travel".

Our release dates were about a week out so we waited patiently.


As a frequent traveler, and occasional nomad, some of my dearest friends live in totally different cities. Even when friends are close, it’s hard to coordinate schedules to hangout. There was a music festival near us that was featuring songstress Keke Wyatt. This was a great opportunity to connect with some local friends. After several ‘we need to hang out”s, I wasn’t sure if this time was the real deal so I didn’t by my tickets.

Literally the day before the festival, we have the “We still going? 👀” convo and T says she might be able to get us free tickets. T and I message over several apps (as you do) and go back and forth and confirm that we bought the tickets and are in fact going. Now, because this is a last minute thing, I gotta prepare for the festival. Hours later M responds to the chat saying that she missed out on Beyoncé tickets.

I consider myself a Beyoncé fan, but don’t call myself Hive. I know that M is certified BeyHive. So I figure her Hive membership didn’t allow her to get her tickets. I was planning to go to a different concert city, so I logged in to check on the seat availability now that the Hive and other membership groups had been allowed to start purchasing.

While clicking through TicketMaster, I noticed that the prompts looked like I was able to buy the tickets.

This can’t be real

After all of the hype of how hard it would be to get these tickets, I just knew I wasn’t reading this site correctly. I wasn’t a T Mobile, BeyHive, or credit Card premiere member so how can I buy my tickets? ‘This has got to be a scam’, I thought. Nope, the url checked out. I clicked all the way out and logged in again… this is TicketMaster.

I called M immediately. “I’m in.” I delivered that line like we were apart of Ocean’s Eleven and I just hacked into the network. Not even to be dramatic, it felt like that. The heightened danger of “We got to do this before we get caught”.

M was understandably confused about what I was talking about. I explained as calmly and urgently as possible that I was in Ticketmaster could buy the tickets for her city and needed to know if she needed me to.

The conversation went something like this:

M: Hey girl.

Pella: I’m in.

M: In what?

P: I’m in Ticketmaster. I can buy the tickets. I have access.

M: What? How?

P: I don’t know, but I’m here and I’m getting all the way to the check out screen. Do you need me to buy your tickets?

M (puzzled): Huh? How did you get in? Do you have Citibank or T mobile?

P: Yes, but this isn’t that. We don’t have time. I am going to a different city so I do you want me to buy your tickets.

M: Let me check… (Goes and coordinates with her friends she is going with)

Long story short, she was able to buy her own tickets. I in the meantime had been blowing up Bev about our concert tickets. I finally text her Call Me, it’s an EMERGENCY! She finally answers and I get our tickets.

Later in a much de-escalated conversation with M, she asks how I knew to look at the tickets. I told her it was thanks to her text about missing out on the Beyoncé tickets. She said that she was responding to the group chat about concert tickets. It was then revealed that it was a misunderstanding. When T mentioned that she couldn't get tickets (For the Keke Wyatt show), M thought it was about the Beyoncé tickets.

So as Bob Ross would say: Happy Accident. So shout out to M for automatically thinking missed ticket opportunity = Beyoncé. Also shout out to Keke Wyatt for the festival (the mic is on) and to T for making sure I didn’t flake on plans to hang!

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